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Thread: Sorry wont be bothering to upload anymore Kc

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeymethuen View Post
    You're kidding, right?

    Do you really think I don't know what site this is?

    Do you really think I don't know that King Crimson concerts have been banned from being shared everywhere?

    You've already got a problem.

    Robert Fripp doesn't want any KC recordings to be shared, it doesn't matter to him if they have been made available at DGM or not so as soon as they get wind of the fact that you have Kc shows on your tracker they will have them taken down.
    Nice attitude you've been keeping from us for three years! You do not need to go around telling people they have a problem, and certainly not if you want to be taken seriously.

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    Ok, I can see that there are those here who think I don't understand the don't post official stuff policy, I do. I've been torrenting since STG.

    Normally I wouldn't post an official release. The only reason I did was that it was already here. It's not my fault that Tj allows Kc and seeing as how that show was hanging around for ten years I figured he wasn't too worried about fripp so I posted the reseed.

    As for not being experts, the post I answered was right on the front page so it's not like it was buried amongst years of torrents. Anyone could have seen it.

    I'm not opposed to the rules it just looked to me like this site wasn't that worried about it and seeing as how every Kc recording is a potential release it's not worth posting stuff that may need to come down. Which is why most sites Ban Kc completely.

    The way I see it is this, If you're posting shows from a band who doesn't care or doesn't want their recordings shared on line but will never be selling them then I can see leeway, but if you're sharing a band who WILL be selling those recordings the minute they aquire them then you're already breaking the rules.

    Mods, If you want to ban me because I don't belong then ok but I won't be posting any more official stuff really Kc is the only band I have to worry about.

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    You're correct - I don't care much for KC and I wouldn't lose any sleep if I had to remove every KC torrent right now.

    The only reason I allow it is because a) I know lots of Y members are avid KC fans and more importantly b) I've never been told by KC reps personally not to share such material - if they ever did (and this goes for any artist or band shared here) the material will be removed immediately.

    I was asked a few weeks ago if I minded if KC was shared here and if numerous torrents were started. Because there were no adverse response from the torrents already on the tracker, I saw no reason to refuse the request.

    Now, we try and remove recordings that either are or, become official for ANY artist whenever they're spotted or are pointed out to us by the membership . We will miss some - whether it's a torrent on the first or 50th page, especially if it's a non-PF recording. There's no need to become all defensive just because a mod removes one of your torrents - it is not personal.

    Stay or go - I couldn't care less.

    End of.

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