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Thread: Which CD masters resemble closer the original LP sound?

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    Quote Originally Posted by creamcheese View Post
    BTW: Does anybody agree with me that the 2016 stereo Remix of Meddle is quite good and interesting but in many parts NOT better than the original?
    I didn't get very far into that screaming high end infused stereo mix but I tried to listen to the 5.1 remix and I agree that there was a VERY excellent mix there. (was - past tense) I am still absolutely convinced that this was subjected to a mastering disaster with the blinding high end thing. I know the credits only name AJ as mixing and mastering engineer but this mistake was absolutely done by someone else's hand. It can't possibly be AJ's mistake in any way shape or form based on everything else I've ever heard him mix.

    Same comment for all three album remixes. (The 5.1 remix of OBC was held back but the same blinding treatment hit the stereo remix.) Pompeii has other disastrous stuff like LOUD NR artifacts from a crude setting and then that got run through the blinding high end eq for extra special destructive results. Point is the high end disaster for these 3 remixes. Nothing else in the set has this issue.

    Really a shame for Meddle and OBC remixes. I agree there was some really fantastic mix work done and then lost here.

    That move in OOTD with Roger's bass dancing wildly around the room in quad is just a great idea!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaisonas View Post
    This is somewhat related to the thread, but what do you guys think about this? What year does it sound like it was pressed?
    It was probably pressed to hybrid CD/SACD in 2003.

    Chances are whoever posted that video got ripped off by an online seller of fake "Master" tapes. There are quite a few on E-Bay etc.

    It's funny the see an AFGA or BASF tape with mastering notes and whatnot with the supposed story line of "tapes sent to pressing plant" Mexico, Jugoton etc. and yet the box that the old dingy shipping label are glued too are in pristine condition and have labeling on the box that wasn't present until the late 80's or 90's.

    The channels are reversed, they're probably reversed because the scammer couldn't keep left and right straight when recording the 2003 DSoTM SACD to a 90's era Reel-to-Reel blank. It's a good scam, you can get the blank Broadcast and Studio tape for around $30 and sell it online with a fake label for 10 to 50 times the cost.

    At least they do a little digging to make it a little more convincing such as including the Matrix number etc., but to the best of my knowledge and the information on Discogs, the Matrix numbers they mention were for the US pressings and not the Yugoslavian pressings.

    Go figure.

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