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Thread: recording shows on mobile phone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scmods View Post
    Putting a bit of tape over the phone's inbuilt mic can help enormously with reducing the overload.

    I have recorded a few shows recently using two iPhones - one with tape over the mic and one without - then combining the results. I use an app called "Retro Recorder" which records to .wav.

    While not as good as some get with more sophisticated equipment, the results are certainly not bad at all to my ears.

    Yeah that's a new one i will certainly have to try that any other show i get to this year but at moment have no plans apart form if i can make it to see roger waters in glasgow but i will be at very top of the sse hydro as its only tickets left so not sure how it will come out if i do manage to get there and record.My brit floyd recording came out pretty ok some bits high others low but can hear the words of songs clear and as i say does me as a momento would luv to share with all but have no idea anymore how to make torrents on here or what to do as its something i haven't thought about in very long time due to never having anything to be able to share and now i do and i cant do it haha.

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    Heh. Like the old recordings that were "padded" that way from being inside someone's winter coat.

    Making the term "pad" literal!

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