I'll preface this by saying its from that S.O.B 'Tommygun' (you know the one who steals Yeeshkul material then throws it up for sale on his website.)

Now I'm not going to lie, the idea of someone going to great lengths to edit (however erroneous) all the 72/73/75 footage to create a 'complete' DSOTM video is quite awesome. What I'm wondering is if anyone has parted with the cash and is willing to share? I know it's going to have repeated footage, and what not (and by the looks of the demo even some pirate footage stolen from the Pompeii official release) but the 'vibe' of a complete show is quite appealing.

Now that I've said the nice stuff, what an absolute piece of shit stealing the work of others then profiting from it.

If you visit his 'tommygunvideo' website its the first dvd you can buy..... Not that I'm encouraging anyone to do so, just wondering if anyone got it as a gift from a kind friend who didn't know better.