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Thread: "It Could Even Be A Myth"

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    Default "It Could Even Be A Myth"

    There is a Bob Dylan bootleg making the rounds with this title. Apparently it is a bunch of radio or live sessions from 1962-1964. Could someone liberate this or something like it? I would happily buy it if it were legitimate, but the powers that be at Columbia (not to be confused with Colombia!) have not made this era a priority and I would like to avoid paying money to bootleggers if possible.
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    Sorry I do not have it, but that material ought to be fairly easy to find.

    I know I have old versions on CDR. You'll be looking for the Broadside sessions if this is what you want. The 1963 Forest Hills material isn't as common, in fact I don't think I ever caught that recording.

    PM me for tips (I'd just point you to some well-known spots).

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