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Of course nobody is to dumb to understand. But as far as i know the world is not black and white, so are the problems between Palestina and Israel.

One thing: I do not comment his political view (which i know for many years now) but i am not happy with the tools he is using to put it out, because these are the same tools Trumps (for example) is using. They gave away free notes on every seat why didn't they give everyone a short but reasonable essay about these problems/his concerns? I think it is a little distracting if you criticize Trump for using twitter when you do the same one minute later on the screen. Even if he might be the good one and even if he might be one the right side, there are smarter ways to spread it (at least to me).
Sorry, there was obviously some misunderstanding. I really thougth that you think the people do not understand the conflict in the middle east. I am tired after the concert, a long drive home and todays work.

I send you a PN to write more in German