I've been going through some hard drives trying to clean things up and came across some things from A Tree Full of Secrets. They are from CD 1 tracks 11, 13, and 15 (IO, Scarecrow and AD) and are listed as studio outtakes sourced from a 1967 BBC broadcast. They seem like single channel of stereo album versions to me (like Remember A Day turned out to be) and not outtakes at all. OutFAKES maybe or a single channel recording of FM stereo broadcast, who knows? Not really concerned about the legitimacy of the tracks themselves at this point.

More curious to me and reason for the post is the date given and source. AD has an interview with Peter Jenner over it and in the interview Jenner mentions "All Saints Church Hall which I've now just seen has been knocked down." I'm not sure when that building was knocked down but based on some things I found online it wasn't until at least 1973. A website on the history and preservation of The Tabernacle around the corner indicates there was a meeting in All Saints Church Hall in 1973 to discuss how to save the Tabernacle. It seems clear from that and other pictures I found dated 1970 that All Saints Hall was certainly around after 1967. Jenner would not have said it was just knocked down in 1967 so the date given for the "outtakes" and radio broadcast can't be right.

Anyhoo... does anyone know the origin of this interview? I've checked the 1974-75 Breakthrough broadcasts, the 1976 Pink Floyd Story broadcasts and a couple video sources like Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story but no matches.