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Thread: Saucerful Of Secrets Tour - New leg, new songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pittylabelle View Post
    The show last night in Dusseldorf was fantastic. The sound in the Mitsubishi Electric Hall (former Philipshalle) was really good this time - all the instruments and the vocals really well articulated. I just assume that this was due to the sound crew of Nick.

    I ordered a rather expensive seat relatively early this year: Parquet Block A, 2nd row. Unfortunately, the automatic ticket allocation system gave me a place on the far left of the stage. Shit happens - I had not looked at the hall plan before! The view from there is of course pretty crappy and one sits almost directly in front of the left PA boxes. For a stereo recording quite unsuitable.

    Fortunately, I was there relatively early, so I had time to come up with something. So I placed myself between the sound engineers and the back row of chairs. A lonely standing room so to speak. I thought so I can record all over the audience heads the sound of the PA, directly with my binaural in-ear stereo microphones. For safety's sake, I also talked to a security man to directly ensure that I was not referred back to my old place during the concert. So far so good.

    When the concert started with the soundscapes, I was approached by another security woman who chatted me into the recording and insisted that I now go to my place. I walked past the back rows of chairs and saw that there was still a free seat available, even though the concert was sold out. So I squeezed through the last row and sat on the empty space.

    From then on everything went like clockwork. I will post my recording here in the next few days. Stay tuned!
    The torrent is here:
    Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets - 2018-09-11 Duesseldorf Germany 119.24 AUD MC

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    Many thanks for sharing your great concert experiences with Nick & his wonderful band and the recordings of course too!

    My fever´s rising... Two days left till Stuttgart only.

    Never expected that I will be able to experience my favorite Floyd era in my remaining lifetime. A dream comes true...
    "I´m full of dust and guitars...." (Syd Barrett - Rolling Stone - December 1971)

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    I've been listening to and watching the various recordings from Nick Mason's A Saucerful of Secrets for a few months now but, today, I finally got to listen to and watch a full concert without family interruptions........ Copenhagen. I'm in the middle of nowhere in Spain (so will unfortunately miss all their UK show this month) but had to do a 2 hour round trip this morning. I did it with the matrix recording blasting out in the car. Tonight, I've just watched the same show blasting out from the TV. Thanks to the recorders and uploaders, you know who you are.

    What a total joy it was! To see and hear people playing who cared about the music. They kept the 'essence' of each song but added their own touches to them. They were having fun (not a word that's often associated with Pink Floyd). When they did Atom Heart Mother I felt quite choked - it sounded positively 'magisterial' just like back in the day. The early Floyd were quintessentially 'English' and I think Nick's band captures that spirit with their playing and their humour.

    A nice nod to Syd and Rick.

    I just hope that they continue beyond this initial tour.

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