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Thread: Identifying Dates Of Demos On The Wall Immersion Set

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kit Rae View Post
    Correction - track 19 is from Roger's demo too! I had a version I re-mixed from several versions of that track that I never re-named, so I was listening to the wrong one. I had a listen to the original UC track again and it's a Roger demo.
    Oh Damn Kit Rae !

    I've got to change all my details and re tag my track listings again

    Its a Roger demo ok, I thought as much to be honest.

    I still find it odd that Outside the wall was placed mid album at one point.

    Also there's some other track positioning Im not sure about from the Numb book, but what do I know.
    Disc 5 Track 35 Goodbye Cruel World is not listed on Vernon Fitch's pages pasted here.
    Where does this track sit ?
    After Track 34 is my guess ?

    Adding to my list of questions here -
    Every version of Empty Spaces/What shall We Do Now? on Immersion set sounds to me like its a different variant
    of Roger Original Demo. Including the Under Construction CD version.
    Although they all sound like different mixes or different lenghts of the songs.
    They are all the same vocal track.
    Immersion sleeve has some versions listed as Band Demo versions

    Anybody else care to compare them please let me know your findings here.

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