Hi all im not sure if this is place in forum i can talk about this but thought it may be as it is to do with video and audio recordings.I would like to talk about the aussie pink floyd show bootleg from there 2019 tour which im sure many of you may already no about as to which they have released as a complete bootleg of the show on mp3 on there offical site and aswell as a offical cd in euorpe by blackhill pictures by tapfs europe ltd 2019, what i am talking about is if anyone out there has seen the offical facebook stream of the bootleg concert as it was showing a few times on there the video footage and then again on youtube.For all that have seen this or heard the audio bootleg of offical cd released i am wondering about the audio from the show as listening to it it does not sound like a normal fan recording due to the way it sounds in my own opinion, but was wondering if any music experts on here who can mabe help me out on this one and help identify type of recording they used for audio.I am asking as i no from concert footage they said it was filmed from mixing desk and was wondering if perhaps they had a connection as in cam corder had a wire linked to it and then into soundboard for the audio or even if the the audio came from camera its self or even a soundboard mix but not perfectly mixed or iem recordings etc? i was just wondering about this as it does sound pretty good for bootleg but was wondering if anyone who has seen and heard the audio that is more into the knowledge of muisc mixing audio etc if they heard it could possible help me out and may have a idea of what type of audio recording was used by using there skills as i was wondering about how they did it and i thought mabe it was a soundboard but not a perfectly mixed one like after they do all that stuff in studios to it or if even its a recording of what people heard that night and also due to type of arena.Thanks for any info anyone can help give me as its something i was thinking about.