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Thread: The Wall 1980 Restoration Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Have A Cigar View Post
    I agree. It's literally the visual definition of motion sickness...
    I actually think its a fine improvement.

    Here is some actual live footage (for reference)

    And then the upscaled one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffers View Post
    maybe it's my monitor, but this looks unnatural to my eyes. and without a "before" sequence to compare, i can't really explain why. but it's almost as if the film is "gliding" by, as my eye tries to latch onto details....
    Maybe it is just the conversion from 24 to 60 frames per second. Since we've been so used to 24 fps, the difference is noticeable in that way. Some details go too fast for human eyes/brain to grab them. Also: the lack of stabilization is more noticeable in that fps rate. Apply some stabilization in the more shaky segments, and it will look almost as if recorded with a digital camera.
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