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Thread: PINK FLOYD: P U L S E analysis

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    Default PINK FLOYD: PULSE analysis

    I'm surprised to see that there's no analysis thread for PULSE CD/LP/TC album on YEESHKUL!

    There were two versions of analysis available online. The first one has a lot of mistakes. Current Wikipedia information is almost correct.

    I decided to check all these tracks using simultaneous playback with audience recordings and found several imperfections...

    1994.10.20 Shine On You Crazy Diamond London
    1994.10.15 Astronomy Domine London
    1994.09.21 What Do You Want From Me Rome
    1994.10.14 Learning To Fly London (unknown guitar licks)
    1994.08.17 Keep Talking Hannover
    1994.10.13 Coming Back To Life London
    1994.10.13 Hey You London (last verse - 1994.10.15 London)
    1994.10.19 A Great Day For Freedom London
    1994.09.20 Sorrow (edit) Rome
    1994.10.20 High Hopes London (lap steel guitar solo and 'Forver and Ever' line fixed using - 1994.??.?? unknown)
    1994.10.21 Another Brick In The Wall [part two] London
    1994.10.17 One Of These Days (edit) London
    1994.09.20 Speak To Me Rome
    1994.10.20 Breathe London
    1994.10.20 On The Run London
    1994.09.20 Time Rome (roto-toms intro - 1994.09.17 Modena)
    1994.09.20 Breathe (reprise) Rome
    1994.10.20 The Great Gig In The Sky London
    1994.09.17 Money Rome (intro - 1994.10.20 London / sax solo - 1994.??.?? unknown)
    1994.10.20 Us And Them London (2nd and 3rd choruses - 1994.10.19 London)
    1994.??. ?? Any Colour You Like unknown (last seconds - 1994.10.19 London)
    1994.10.19 Brain Damage London
    1994.10.19 Eclipse London
    1994.09.20 Wish You Were Here Rome
    1994.10.20 Comfortably Numb London
    1994.10.15 Run Like Hell London

    1994.03.30 Astronomy Domine Miami
    1994.08.16 One Of These Days (edit) Hannover

    Bootlegging The Bootleggers:
    1994.07.31 What Do You Want From Me Chantilly
    1994.07.31 On The Turning Away Chantilly
    1994.07.31 Poles Apart Chantilly
    1994.08.29 Marooned Oslo

    I have main 3 questions:
    1) Any Colour You Like. I can't find performance which was used for this track. I checked all Earl's Court performances. Probably someone knows...
    2) Money. Probably someone recognized sax solo which was used to replace the original from 1994.09.17.
    3) High Hopes. Probably someone recognized part of lap steel guitar solo which was used to fix the original from 1994.10.20.

    Any comments are very welcome.
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