Hi folks,

I would like to know if there are some photos from the epic concert Cincinnati 1971 concerts. Goodbye 1971, let's see what 1972 will be...
this epic concert with this monster version of "The Embryo" is jaw dropping. I knew it for years, but thanks to Jimfisheye amazing work, I was totally "sur le cul" to listen to this epic performance as if this was the first time. This shows, with Jimfisheye matrixes how audience can be as good if not better for a "being there" feeling than an average soundboard recording- the drumming is awesome and perfectly captured especially during the Breathe chords parts. David Gilmour alternate between bottleneck a-la "In My Time Of Dying" Led Zeppelin, to power-chords a-la Neil Young (Down To The River) and with some epic soaring guitar solos which makes it sounds like an Echoes version II the sequel.
is it the longest performance of a song ? I think it is - perhaps there is a version of A Saucerful Of Secrets which is slightly longer)

Jim, this is my favorite matrix (you did some amazing matrix with Nick Mason's ASOS shows) with Paris Théâtre des Champs-Elysées : the Violent Sequence and Atom Heart Mother VIP mixes (even if you forgot to include in the mix David's introduction in French to ATM aka The Amazing Pudding or whatever...) and Essen 69 was one of the best surprise of last summer. I can't hear the Early Years version anymore. The restored piano mix is awesome!