David did record and finish the solo for POTW, but Roger and Nick messed it up and by mistake deleted it,

So since they were looking for a extra guitarist for the tour
Waters asked White come by the studio while they were recording the album.
Waters suggested they might as well put Snowy to work, and had him record the solo again, after the mistake they made with David`s.

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The part where he mentions trying out for Floyd in the 80's was kind of funny. David did not really need to hear him play bass.

Reminds me of Snowy White talking about how he got involved in the Floyd in 1976. Roger brought him in, and didn't want to hear him play either. I think he said something like "If you can't play you wouldn't be here right?" and his tryout was basically laying down solo on Pigs on The Wing that David did not care enough to do himself (I guess?).

It's hilarious to me that with their control freak reputations, Roger and David could both decide to hire a musician to tour with them and be that lax about seeing if they were up for the gig.