This is almost certainly an apocryphal story, but I'm going to throw it out there and see what you think.

At the weekend I got chance to chat briefly to someone who saw a number of early Floyd gigs from '67 to the early '70s - amongst them several appearances at the Roundhouse, Hyde Park, the Camden Free Festival in 1969, and even UFO and Middle Earth.

I didn't get a lot of detail out of him, but one thing he was definite on was that he'd seen Syd play a solo set at Middle Earth. I've never seen any mention of this anywhere else so I suspect it's a mis-remembrance. Surely someone who was there would've told the tale by now - Middle Earth was a major psychedelic club of the time, it's not like it was some pub out in the sticks somewhere.

My source was very clear that it wasn't the well-known Kensington Olympia show in 1970, and he didn't have a band with him. He described it as 'amazing, considering it was just him on his own', although it was clear he was already somewhat 'gone' at this point, and his attention tended to wander from what he was playing.

If it did happen, I wonder if it could've been an unannounced spot on the spur of the moment or something - that would explain why there are no posters or adverts. PF played there once in Dec '67, several times through 1968, and a final time in Jan '69, by which time it had moved to the Roundhouse. Maybe he showed up with them and ended up onstage somehow?

Any thoughts...?