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Thread: What are your musical preferences before Pink Floyd?

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    Question What are your musical preferences before Pink Floyd?

    What kind of music (or bands) did you listen to until you got interested in Pink Floyd?
    Perhaps this topic has already been here, on the forum, or somewhat duplicates some other topics.
    Perhaps you yourself will be pleased to remember this

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    Electric Light Orchestra
    Alan Parsons Project
    Still love both and still listen to both.

    Listened to these before to a lesser extent before Floyd, but still love/listen to these bands:
    Led Zeppelin
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    The Who
    Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
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    When I was a kid i listened to whatever my parents listened to. My mom was very 'radio friendly' music biased and my dad was a huge fan of classical music. I remember all the LPs he had with these covers of landscapes that always blew me away. But I could never get into classical music really. Then when I was 10/11, my dad bought our first CD player. This was 1992, keep in mind here in Argentina by that time we always got the tech advances a bit later than you got on US/Europe. My first 4 CDs were Queen's Greatest Hits II, GNR's Use Your Illusion I & II, Metallica's Black album and Michael Jackson's Dangerous. Those were the top sellers album of the time. I didn't get to Nirvana till various years later. Then when I got into my teens days I discovered two local bands, Babasonicos and Los Brujos, that literally open my mind to another kind of music. Through them I discovered Jane's Addiction, Nirvana, RHCP, Sonich Youth, Pixies, Breeders, etc, because those were the bands they named in the interviews. Then when I was 17, and this was 1995, I lived the whole Britpop explosion and I got hooked to Oasis and Blur. Man I loved their music, and through Oasis I got to The Beatles. And through The Beatles I firstly got to Black Sabbath and Zeppelin. I loved Sabbath since, but never got much into Zeppelin. And then by those years, this was, 1998/1999/2000 a friend of mine at the time lend me a CD full of mp3s and this CD had Animals and Dark Side of the Moon, by that time I was smoking weed a lot and that was it
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    These are some,

    Hawkwind Was a big fan in the early eights and love their 70s stuff especially 70-75
    Kraftwerk Need a new Album.
    Bob Dylan
    Neil Young
    Led Zep
    Midnight Oil
    Van der Graf Generator/Peter Hamill
    Nick Cave
    Black Sabbath
    Tangerine Dream
    Gary Numan Early Eights stuff

    I don't listen to music as much as I used to and dip in and out of bands. At the moment it's Led Zep. The on person who doesn't fit my music taste but I enjoy is Lana Del Rey.

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    before starting with the Floyds, i used to mostly listen to a few italian songwriters and to David Bowie and Genesis...

    but then I discovered the Floyds and they quickly got most of my attention.

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    This is before I heard Pink Floyd, did not have FM radio till I was about 12 so mostly heard what others listened to.

    Songs I heard that really were a big deal before I heard PF were

    Stevie Wonder Sir Duke
    Cool And The Gang, I liked that song Celebrate but now I can not stand it lol Summertime by Cool And The Gang is great though and was no doubt an influence on Richard Wright for Shine On part 8.
    That song " What you would do for Love" by Bobby Caldwell or something like that, forgot the spelling.
    The song Just The Two Of Us ,song was kind of a rip off of What you would do for love
    Star Wars Theme Song
    Jaws Them song
    James Bond theme song
    also loved Live And Let Die by McCartney
    I liked The Jackson 5 as well
    Fanfare for The Common Man was played during The Olympics in the 70s and that was cool too.
    I saw a 60s movie in the mid 70s with a really cool band, not sure who it was but think it may have been Iron Butterfly. Loved that.

    I still remember the first time I heard Pink Floyd I was in 4th grade and the song was Another Brick In The Wall.
    Was in school during a Christmas Party. The whole song and the bass playing just knocked me out.
    Some of my friends were into Stix but I was never a huge fan though they are good.

    That would sound laughable to people born after the mid 80s but at that time you could be very unaware of music as I was. My dad mostly played Elvis and did not care for that much, but do love his 70s music period and late 60s music now.
    I had heard some Beatles songs but did not care for I want to Hold Your Hand that much, now The Beatles are one of my very favorite groups.

    What kind of music (or bands) did you listen to until you got interested in Pink Floyd?
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    It's hard to remember the exact chronology, but before Pink Floyd, I know I listened to the Beatles, the Doors, and Jefferson Airplane. Maybe some Hendrix and Cream too, I can't quite recall, as well as Crosby, Stills and etc.

    Before that, I was listening to the late 1970s/early 1980s music with which I grew up, ranging from A-ha and Duran Duran, to Michael Jackson and the B-52s, to the Kinks and the Cars.

    Once I discovered Pink Floyd, though, they took over as my unequivocal favorite.

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    Still for me Queen is my all time favorite band, but for a few years now Floyd is close second.
    Also I love Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Hendrix, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses, Beatles, also some German bands you probably don't know, etc

    I have a special love for Bootlegs, because my first music CD EVER was a Queen Live USA 3CD box (a somewhat official bootleg, there was a loophole in Germanys copyrights in the 90s, that said foreign bands, recorded in foreign countries are not protected). The tracklist on the first CD was completely wrong, and by trying to find out the right titles via internet i found my way into the world of bootlegs.

    Then I got The Wall on double vinyl, maybe three years ago. It was only 5 bucks because the cover was damaged (i thought it actually looked cooler that way), best money I ever spent. Listened to it the same day and fell in love. Then I bought Dark Side, got WYWH from a friend, and well, here we are.
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    got an uncle (better, "had") with a ginormous record collection, that i would use to browse through, at age 12 or so, vividly remember getting into the Kinks first, doors, led zep, floyd back then as well, but not more than the other stuff.
    Always have been a huge Knopfler fan (and guitar in general) so that has been my #1 since the mid eighties, floyd now a veeeeerrrrrrry close second, sometimes first.
    Dylan, my other major favourite, only got me as of his time out of mind album, back in 97, before that i would only listen to the 2 albums that had knopfler on them, Infidels (great) and Slow train coming (equally great, though not liked much by the public back then). so seeing Mark come on stage to perform the legendary non-released (until muuuuuch later) jewel "Blind Willie McTell" with Bob for the very first time (the song, performed by them 2 together that is) at a show in 2011 in Oberhausen Germany, and me being there, taping, was an amazing feeling, as the song had become some sort of a myth by then.
    My real intro to floyd was in late 89 when a friend, living close to the Werchter Festival ground in Belgium, and who had been at the 89 EU tour start concert there, gave me her copy of DSOT....and i was hooked, for life.
    so besides Floyd (and Gilmour, always been more of a gilmour man than a Waters man) knopfler and Dylan, what else is there...
    well the first cd i bought was Bossanova by the pixies, again hooked for life, and seeing them life for the first time after many missed opportunities, 2 years ago, was like a dream come through.
    Leo Kottke
    Stevie Ray (omg...)
    Richard Thompson
    Joe Satriani
    Rodrigo Y gabriela
    JJ Cale (saw him live once, awesome, and VERY friendly guy)
    Ben Harper
    Kyuss (so much better then QOTSA)
    Massive Attack
    Rory G.
    Manu Chao
    Tenacious D
    Johnny C.
    The Stone Roses
    ...any Floyd, is good floyd....
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    My music preferences were a bit all over the place, as my dad had a pretty big impact on what music I liked for the longest time. Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, ABBA, ELO, Elton John, The Knack, Tears For Fears, Lou Reed, AC/DC, Queen..All sorts of stuff. Now, I discovered The Beatles on my own, and that was a fun ride to have...Eventually someone recommended that I listen to The Wall and I haven't turned back since. Except listening to The Who, Gorillaz, and Supertramp on my own time got me into them as well.
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