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I think this is the first eye witness account I've heard and it sounds quite sketch at best. I had no idea it was that bad. I was fresh out of uni and broke or I would have been there myself. For 30 years I've regretted not selling enough plasma or blood or whatever to make that happen but now I think I can put that to bed because that sounds miserable.
I attended the show as part of a coach tour organised from the UK, the trip included a stay in Hanover before and after the show and we travelled by coach to Berlin on the day of the show, the organisers didnít anticipate the amount of tourists in the city and we spent hours on the autobahn trying to get into Berlin, apparently there were a few support sets by The Band, The Hooters etc. Missed all of those and arrived just before the start of the main event. By this time the organisers had removed all the barriers due to the size of the crowd and it was a free for all, no merchandise available anywhere. As said, the sound was poor, very quiet and difficult to hear some parts due to audience chatter. I remember it was very hot on the day and claustrophobic in the crowd. I donít recall any bad vibes at the show as a previous poster mentioned, in fact given the size of the crowd it wasnít too bad. Still, it was a good experience.