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Thread: Camel 5.1 Project

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    Question Camel 5.1 Project

    is there anyone who can help me with a 5.1 project

    I have 2 Camel Nearfest audio Footage.

    1 From The Soundboard

    1 From Audience

    My Idea Was to make a 5.1 Mix with SBD in the front and Audience in the back.

    only there are 2 problems all the files i have are Mp3 no flac and the second problem is that if you put it underneath each other it goes out of sync.

    Would be nice for here on yeeshkul.

    so if anyone is intrested in it please let me know

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    I've been thinking about such possible mixes (SBD at the front, AUD at the back), but never took a time to dive deeper into this...

    It would be great to have another AUD source for Camel's wonderful NearFest performance of 2003 along with the SBD source.
    The SBD source itself used to be shared with the first track ("Lady Fantasy") being taken from another show as a filler, but a couple of years ago I've managed to compile the complete SBD recording with "Lady Fantasy" track from the actual NearFest performance here, on Yeeshkul tracker.-)

    What is not so great is that the AUD source is mp3-compressed. Are you able to get the lossless AUD recording of that show? If not, anyway, I'd be glad to get this AUD source in any form. Fell free to post in here or share a link to some cloud storage.

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