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Thread: Nick Mason's Saucerfull of Sectets Blu-Ray

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    Quote Originally Posted by nfloyd View Post
    Lee Harris has comfirmed that all are Handsigned and showed pictures of it, Also the handsign can be seen on the poster, where is places (comparing alot of them), the Real Ink effect that you don`t get with printing when turning it to the light, and so on. So 100% real. And yes they didn`t sign them all in one day, so 2500 signatures over a periode of weeks/months is not really a big deal.

    Also they did NOT sell the poster alone, it was only part of a Deluxe bundle.
    I bought the bundle with poster but never thought it would be the real deal thats why i thought it would possibly be one signed etc or so many and rest all scanned. Well i also seen that it said when i was purchasing my deluxe bundle that poster alone is worth 75 in my basket as showed prices for what each item is seperate at time then gave me my total which worked out about 30 to 40 all in i can't mind exact price but it was not higher than that i had paid and it was for the cd/dvd set,magnet,poster. All together i think tis pretty good price for what we got in the bundle but just wish they had cd/blu ray option.

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    The blu-ray is groovy and a great presentation of the show. I was lucky to see them here in LA at the Wiltern when they came through. I was even luckier to win a vinyl edition of the live album from Craig Bailey and his Floydian Slip radio show, that was really cool!

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    Watched this the other night, what an amazing experience. I loved the song lists. It was so refreshing hearing the older songs and not the same ones over and over.

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