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Thread: Archiving torrents

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    Quote Originally Posted by montymole View Post
    I see the comment about physical media failing but remember that hard drives are also not exactly 100% safe either.
    Oh, I see, I mightn't have been clear but when I wrote "physical media" I also include hard drives in that category. I guess I was going for a distinction between your own physical media and "virtual" media (e.g. cloud). That of course is still physical media, but it's someone else's physical media in the cloud and their concern to keep it running.

    The bottom line? If it really means a lot to you - always make a backup of your backup. Then worry about how you rename things after
    Totally agree. Looking back I didn't mention it here, but the topic of media storage came up in another forum I'm on, and I emphasised there the importance of keeping redundant copies. My main media collection of rips of the CDs I own exist on at least two different drives: one spinning and one SSD. Those are the ones regularly updated, there's also an older drive with most of it formatted with a completely different file system.

    Interesting you had problems with WD drives. I use them almost exclusively now after having a run of failed Seagates and Maxtors. Those failed drives were what prompted my heavily redundant strategy.

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    Indeed! I must have been half awake I was definitely thinking dvdr/cdr when I read "physical media"

    I don't think one brand is better than the other - If I look at the broken hard drives, it's a complete mix of different brands. I do also have Western Digital drives that are working perfectly fine, same for Maxtor and Seagate.

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    I've also had some serious crashes in the past. One thing I've learned from them is to write the contents of external drives into a file. It runs automatically before the unmounting process (I'm on Linux and use the command line tool ncdu for that: ncdu -0 -e -o $DUMP_DIR/HDDwhatever.json /dev/sdwhatever

    The first drive after a big crash last year I name Tennessee, because of the line in Tennessee Waltz: Now I know just how much I have lost.

    With that info I was able to cobble all the contents together again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swirling Panpot View Post
    Considering that it is wise to keep at least two copies of anything digital, I keep the first downloaded copy in its' downloaded form on one external drive, and make a second copy on a separate drive, which I then rename (usually just the folder name) and conform to the conventions of my personal naming system. Generally all the contents of the folder stay the same, or if some supplemental info is needed I will make a new text file which I could easily omit from a reseed.
    I do the same. Paired drives original and copy. Good thing. Drives have failed. Had better luck with WD drives.

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