I struggled where to put this- Reddit, or here, and decided the quality of responses was more important than the quantity.

I do insane XMAS lights (60,000 RGB pixels, synchronized to music, radio broadcast, interactive show...every HOA's worst nightmare). The reason I built the insane XMAS light show was not for XMAS music, of course, but so I could host an "underground album party" and say "well, I already had the lights, so..."

I am not subtle.

Naturally, for the inaugural album party, I'm running DSOTM. I'm about halfway done sequencing the album (2011 remaster) and while I know every mumbled phrase and the timing of the 8-note On the Run sequence down to the nearest millisecond (just over 90ms between notes), the list of "moments" or "Easter Eggs" in the album that move me probably isn't the same as yours. I want to know what moments you listen for/anticipate. These are sounds I want to make sure have a visual reference. At the bottom is a video of some proof of concept work I did early on, just so you can see what I'm up to a bit more clearly.
Here are some examples if things I'm thinking of already:
- Rototoms on Time
- The opening/closing heartbeat
- The plane crash at the end of On the Run
- Rick's angry, then sad chords backing Clare Torry on Great Gig
- Rick's "bells" at the beginning of Time (backing the rototoms)
- The spoken words
- "For want of the price of tea and a slice..."
- "Home, home again..."
- Every time Gilmour looks in the direction of a guitar

The point of asking is that if the show goes well, I'm scheduled to show it to a group of Floydians in April, and I do like to pander. With that: what chord changes, sound effects, movements, phrases, or whatever do you have an emotional attachment to in DSOTM? I'm running a 40fps/25ms show, so even tiny things are no problem.

Here's that video. Keep in mind, it's just a scratchpad of examples for side 1, and is not even close to what the finished product will look like. Big gaps, some absolutely awful sections...it's just a sample. But- I am showing the stage video you see on that big tree, timed precisely as the band did on stage. Thank you, Immersion Box! Definitely watch in 720p.

PS: Even if I don't get a single response, thanks! Just the site itself has been a huge resource for me in preparing. I only wish I had more OC to share with you all, as I've certainly taken more than I deserve.