Hi. You know I was going to repost the collaboration you, The Toole Man and I did for the 5.1 mix of Tangerine Dream at East Berlin way back when. Just on a lark I decided to look for it to see if it had been commercially released. Well it has and it hasn't. There is an official bootleg series consisting of 3x four CD boxes of various TD concerts. This concert is represented as discs three and four of the second volume. The press release I read about it stated it was remixed. Wow, I thought. The master tapes for the first set (the second set had already been released) had been lost. Maybe they were relocated and were being used for this set.

So I ordered it. Well, well, well. I could swear they lifted the audio from our collaboration, in fact I'm almost certain of it. They might maybe have had material closer to the sources than I did, but the way it is mixed and the artifacts I do hear within sound identical to me. If this is indeed true it wouldn't be the first time that material I have had a hand in has been lifted and presented commercially without credit. I'm not actually complaining, but the reason why I am posting this thread is for verification that I am correct in my assumption. There is additional material from this show on the two discs and the concert itself is one of my favorites from this group, so I'm happy I have it. Having any of my torrenting work published and sold commercially is sort of a bonus even without credit. It means the material was worthy enough of a wider audience. That is something.

Aside from the verification request (does anyone else have both the 5.1 mix and the CD box set?), has this series of events happened to anyone else? Please let me know.