Just wanting to touch base about this. I know I see remastered recordings. I also realize that the trading pool can be very polluted by such things. I have about 25 years of audio experience. Not claiming to be any kind of authority but I have some chops. I also have 30 years of tape trading and concert recording experience.

Sometimes I clean something up for my own enjoyment. For example on another group someone was asking about lifting the vocals in the 9/13/67 Copenhagen recording. Kind of referencing the tools used in Get Back. Got me curious so I searched my personal archive and put my hands on a lossless version that was seeded in 2005. Supposedly: Master Cassette* > DAT (x5) > flac frontend > flac "EL Source". I loaded it up to have a listen/look. Issues with hum, hiss, resonant frequencies, pitch. Of course the vocals are buried and I don't think any current technologies and anything I have access to will change that. But I did clean it up for my own listening. Then I thought to take a look at other sources here. There are obviously quite a bit. I didn't know if anyone would be interested in it, or comparing it to existing versions? Some screenshots here.