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Thread: Digitizing albums?

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    I just use my turntable I have had for 25+ years. It is hooked up to my stereo receiver as normal, then I use the RCA jacks line out to a 8mm stereo jack that plugs into the line in on my sound card on my desktop. I use Audacity (free program) to record, amplify and track the recording. I also use a program called Click Repair to declick and decrackle the recording if it is an older album. Also if your turntable has a lid/cover leave it up during the recording process. There is a sound difference if the lid/cover is down.

    I know nothing about USB turntables, but if they can be plugged into the computer I assume a similar process could be used.

    IMO, Digitizing the vinyl is great for a back up and to be able to play on other devices, but the recording will never sound as good as the vinyl does. Digitizing removes the "warmth" that only vinyl can provide.
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