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Thread: Rush Spfd., IL 5-31-76

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    Default Rush Spfd., IL 5-31-76

    Hello. It's back again like a bad penny. Several years ago I let the master out to belexes, whose group of fellows did a very nice job. It was formatted in two track, and released on since then, the original 24/96 wave files were sent to Buffalo Floyd who did a magnificent job tidying up the loose ends, cuts, and converting everything back to the original mono which is how it was recorded.
    What is needed now is a light EQ, and at the end is about a 9 minute interview which has static. If there's any way someone can could clean up the interview, especially remove the static and raise the voices, it would be great and a blessing. There were some pertinent questions asked, like "Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?" Only 20 years old at the time. I am perceptive and great, yes?
    If anyone is interested in taking a whack at this and cleaning it up, I can send the file to you in 24/96 format .wav over We Transfer. Let me know and thank you for your time. This site is still the best!
    And thank you, Jim! He may not want the acknowledgment, but he is a very generous and gracious person.
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    It was my pleasure to try and fix this up a little bit, I only wish I could have done more. If somebody who's skilled with EQ could give this the treatment it deserves that would be awesome. The band was on frigging fire this night. I love Rush, supremely underrated band IMO.

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