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Thread: VPN affect upload speeds?

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    Default VPN affect upload speeds?

    Hi all,

    I'm uploading a torrent at the moment, but I wondered if using a VPN would affect my upload speeds? In the settings I see a mention of "split tunneling" to disable my VPN for select websites. If I need to add Yeeshkul! to this setting, what would be the correct URL?

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    The main issue with VPNs and Torrenting is not the speed (in my experience) but the fact that most VPNs break port forwarding because your IP address is masked behind a single IP presented to the world alongside a pool of other users. This can affect your ability to find and connect to peers with encrypted connections.

    Id imagine the split tunnelling address would just be the same as the Announce URL (ie. since that is what all the traffic goes through.

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    It will affect your speeds, but it all depends on your regular internet and the VPN you're using. For instance, my internet is pretty good and my torrents top out usually around 20-30MB/s on something well seeded. With the VPN on (ExpressVPN), I get about half that which is still very fast when downloading anything. I don't use it for uploading but I imagine the ratio would be about the same.

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