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Thread: Ian Ritchie out of TINAD

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    Default Ian Ritchie out of TINAD

    Sad news from his blog:

    Thursday, 23rd June 2022 : London : Hello all. This will be my last post on this TINAD tour blog. The reason is as follows. I have had a physical problem for some years that has made controlling the saxophone more challenging than on the Dark Side tour. I was able to keep it in check during Us+Them. Unfortunately, the problem flared up during rehearsals this time and I was unable to perform to my, or Rogerís satisfaction. Consequently, we mutually agreed that I should step down and pass the saxophone chair over to another player. It is with sadness I make this final blog entry. My best wishes go to Roger, his great band and wonderful crew. The TINAD tour is going to be amazing and I urge you all to see it.
    Roger Waters @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 19/06/2018
    Nick Mason @ Portsmouth Guildhall, UK - 23/09/2018
    Nick Mason @ O2, UK 03/03/2020
    Nick Mason @ Royal Albert Hall, UK, 23/04/2022

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    Getting old is a real bitchÖ

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