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Thread: Nick Mason's Drum Heads 1969-1971

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    Default Nick Mason's Drum Heads 1969-1971

    So recently I was thinking of having some custom t-shirts made out of Nick's various drum head designs, but haven't yet found any good pictures of them. I did find this compilation of them on the sparebricks website:
    All of these heads appeared at the "Their Mortal Remains" exhibition, along with these ones:

    While watching a video walkthrough of the exhibition, I found that the Pharaoh heads premiered on 8 August 1969, and obviously, the other heads are the ones from Pompeii that we all know and love. However, the placard next to the Pompeii heads also says that Nick had some "star heads" as well, so I'm wondering if anyone has any info on those?

    With making t-shirts in mind, I was wondering if anyone has any good pictures of these heads from TMR, or any good pictures of them from live shows?

    Also, any information on the "Star Heads" would be helpful as well.

    EDIT: I just realized that the "Star Heads" are in the bottom left of the collage above.
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