It struck me the other day that weíve just past the 30th (!) anniversary of Amused To Death. ATD is easily in my top 10 albums of all time and IMO is the crowning achievement of any of the members of PF post 1983. I was lucky enough to see Roger twice on the 1999 In The Flesh tour and also once on the 2000 leg. The highlight for me was the ATD mini-set near the end of the show. Although Roger has broken out songs from ATD in subsequent tours, I donít think anything has topped the emotion of the Itís A Miracle > Amused To Death finale in 1999-2002.

Things I wish I knew more about:
  • Which songs developed first? I think itís probably Bravery and Perfect Sense but Iíd love to hear any more information here.
  • What songs were worked on in the Bahamas during late 1987 for Radio KAOS 2? I believe at least part of the song Amused To Death was born here?
  • The uptempo Itís A Miracle with Flea on bass.

I'd love to hear everyone else's opinions about ATD?

Some random performances that I want to highlight:

Have always enjoyed the early version of Bravery that Roger rehearsed at Berlin in 1990:

WGW1 debuting in Seville a year before ATD was released:

The first show of the In Flesh 2000 leg in Tampa where Roger played 6 tracks from ATD in one set!

The shows at end of the In The Flesh run where Roger was joined by Jeff Beck and did WGW1 > WGW3 for the only time

And finally the terrific stripped back version of ATD from the Newport Folk Festival in 2015:

Happy 30th Amused To Death!