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Thread: Who do you currently regard as the 3 best electric guitarists and why ?

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    +1 on Guthrie Govan

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    top 3 is too vague, maybe even top 10 is too tough, breaking down different styles and such, and it is personal opinion, why even do it, just enjoy the music.

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    No mention of Paul Kossoff or Neil Schon, Tom Scholz?
    Didn't Santana basically have Schon removed because he was making him look bad?
    Gilmour is up there - maybe number one overall for his early exploits.
    German Jazz guitarist Volker Kreigel when playing with Dave Pike in the late 60's and early 70's plays mighty well - someone I've recently come to appreciate. There are a whole slew of jazz guitarists from mid to late 20th century that bring a lot to the table that someone might like but it's subjective although their technique/ knowledge might be extremely impressive when compared to rock guitarists.

    Yeah I personally like Joe Strummer as a overall package but certainly not a virtuoso - but then they are a dime a dozen.
    I like Paul Westerberg and Bob Stintson from the Replacements for their songwriting and feel. ( I think these guys beat up on Slash/ Axl Rose -Biggest douchbag in rock 'n roll and Guns 'n Roses - from the period)
    No mention of Rick Nielsen - not the greatest but not to shabby either.
    Duane Allman is for sure one of the best ever. Jeff Beck is up there for me also. Clapton and Page are overrated for me. "I won't say no more - I will - I got punched by a girl hard while at a bar for stating I thought Zeppelin was the most overrated band in rock 'n roll - and Clapton - background music for swinger's parties"
    Billy Gibbons - great
    The Edge - great early to mid 80's riffs and style.
    I loved Scot Gorham's style in Thin Lizzy but Gary Moore might have ripped a little harder when he rejoined the band in late 70's early 80's live when they take turns shredding.
    Kurt Winter and the guys from the Guess Who - Bachman , and Leskiw ripped it up in some long extended jams live pretty damn well '68 through '72.
    I could keep going...

    Just some thoughts. It is pretty damn subjective and up to one's tastes.
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    This is moreso a list of the most influential guitarists to me, rather than the greatest. Because, to me, they are all equally great, and there are many, many greatest guitarists I could list.

    1. Syd Barrett
    2. Jimi Hendrix
    3. Stacy Sutherland (from The 13th Floor Elevators)
    4. Jimmy Page
    5. Nick Drake

    Sorry, even with such a small list, I couldn't limit it to three. And Syd Barrett gets top spot for his creativity and futurism. I love Gilmour, but you have to admit, they were each both unique, and David wasn't capable of playing a lot of Syd's parts, and vice versa. A good exercise is to compare the Syd versions of "Interstellar Overdrive" vs. David, and you'll see what I mean.

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    I keep coming back to Robert Fripp, Steve Howe, Brian May.

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    Tough one. If I blur the question into best guitarist/musician/writer Dave is in the top 10 without question. Narrow that down to 3? Tough one again!

    But purely on guitar prowess and innovation?
    Jimi Hendrix - No explanation needed. Quite the permanent mark on the planet after only 4 or so years on the scene!
    Jeff Beck - Not a song writer at all unfortunately but no one else plays the guitar like this. The man clearly has perfect pitch and beyond.
    Not sure who to put 3rd... Maybe Dave. His level of expressiveness is off the charts. Always has something interesting to say (play) when he improvises and almost never plays an unintended note. Maybe Steve Howe. Again with the expressiveness. Dave might have an edge though. Steve can improvise circles around Dave on a good night and the ledges he sprints across and risks he takes really raise your eyebrows! Robert Fripp and Frank Zappa more for what they play than how well they play it. They both win for inventiveness.

    I'll just stick with 2 then.

    I know I'm missing a few people from other genres I'm just not educated enough about too that at least deserve mention. And I might have a crush on Maddy Rice but that's another story.
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    I'll keep it short and sweet... my list is completely biased.

    1. Jimi Hendrix... does this really need any explanation? Ok... quite simply he was a freak of nature and the best raw talent that ever was or will be and did the most in the shortest amount of time.
    2. David Gilmour... his tone is legendary and his relatively simplistic bluesy style is emphasized by pure emotion and ability to pierce your soul with the perfect note or chord... assuming you have a soul of course.
    3. Mike Bloomfield/Jerry Garcia/Trey Anastasio... all very different but all extremely gifted. Bloomfield might be the most underrated and influential guitarist ever. Have a listen to East-West and tell me is isn't awesome as hell! ...I love the Grateful Dead and Jerry had the amazing ability to put you in a trance with his hypnotic playing. Trey is similar to Jerry in the ability to put you in a trance but his style is completely different and more technical in my opinion.

    I could go on but these are just short opinions.

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