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    I just wanted to send out a thank you for all of you who upload these shows to share. I love Pink Floyd, my favorite band, and when I discovered this site, I was like DAMN!!!! I really appriceate all that has been uploaded and all that will be uploaded in the future. I don't really have anyshows to upload, I guess I'm a big leecher! Thanks again! If I can do anything to help out just give me a yell!!!

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    Default I'll second that!

    I agree wholeheartedly! I am amazed at what is available here, great old stuff as well as new. To get all the latest Gilmour shows, with him playing lots of different old Floyd toonz is just great. Thanks to all posters and to TJ especially!

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    I can only echo these sentiments. This site is more fun than looking through the knotholes in Granny's wooden leg. I only wish that my ISP gave a higher upload speed so I could help share the music faster. Keep up the good work.

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