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Thread: Can We Try Another (Civil) Wall Thread?

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    Default Can We Try Another (Civil) Wall Thread?

    I had asked in the last Wall thread about the Earls Court shows, wondering if there was any reason, other than collectability or maybe having been there, for trying to get all of the 80's Wall shows. I have the official CD release of the Wall live, just wondering if i'm missing something on the other ones (which I admittedly have not heard).


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    By their very nature one Wall is very much like the other with little or no variation between them. Some performances and recordings are better than others (The London and NY ones) but that's about all you can say about them.

    Check out the Wall Weeds Remasters (WWRM) series if you're wanting to cover all available dates. It doesn't always include the best recording for a particular date but they're a convienent place to start from.


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    2/28/80 Nassau show has a very nice Run Like Hell, imo - with Waters screeching kind of like a cheetah in the middle.

    The first two or three shows of the '80 tour (LA) feature an extended 'Any Color You Like'-esque jam between the post-ABITW pt.3 montage ('The Last Few Bricks') and Goodbye Cruel World that is not on the official release.

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